WORDPRESS Integration

If you use Wordpress, you can show SocialProve notifications on your website in 3 minutes. Please follow:

- Login your Wordpress account

1- Please first log in to your Wordpress account.
2- Please go to the Plugins section and choose "Add New" from the menu.

- Find "Insert Headers and Footers" Plugin

3- Please search for "insert headers and footers plugin",
4- Please find "Insert Headers and Footers" plugin and install it.
5- Please click the "Activate" button.

- Copy&Paste SocialProve pixel to the header section in the plugin

6- Please go to the settings section on your Wordpress account and choose "Insert Headers and Footers" plugin from the menu.
7- Please come back to app.socialprove.com and copy your SocialProve pixel code from the .

8- Please go back to Wordpress and paste the SocialProve pixel code in the "Scripts in Header" box and click 'Save.'