Weebly Integration

If you use Weebly, you can show SocialProve notifications on your website in 3 minutes. Please follow:

- Go to "Build" page on Weebly!

1- Please sign into your Weebly account and click at "Build" on the left-top side.

2- Please click at "Embed Code" block on the right and drag it to your page.

3- Please click at the code block you've added and see "Click to set custom HTML"

4- Copy your SocialProve pixel code on SocialProve dashboard

5 - Paste your SocialProve Pixel code into code section where you see "Click to set custom HTML".

6- Then click outside of the box to close "Custom HTML" section. You can go to SocialProve dashboard and check that if your pixel is sending signals.

7-After your website became active, you can go to SocialProve Dashboard and create a notification!