Webinarjam Integration

If you use Webinarjam, you can show SocialProve notifications on your website in 3 minutes. Please follow:

- Go to "Integrations" on Webinarjam!

1- Please sign into your Webinarjam account and click at "Integrations" on the top menu.

2-There will be a "pencil edit" icon next to "Integrate a 3rd party tracking system"

3- Copy your SocialProve pixel code on SocialProve dashboard

4 - Paste your SocialProve Pixel code into both "Registration page tracking" and "Registration form tracking"

5- Then click "Confirm" button on the settings page. You can go to SocialProve dashboard and check that if your pixel is sending signals.

6- Then click "+ New Notification" to create a notification on SocialProve dashboard. You will set the following link as your Capture Url:

You should replace Member ID with your Member ID and Webicode with your webinar webicode. The Member ID will be the same for all your webinars. But your Webicode will change for each webinar. You can get your Member ID and Webicode under "My Webinars" section and you should choose your Webinar there. Please note that if you do not change the Member ID and Webicode to your information, then your tracking won't work.