Standard Custom Code Adding

If you manage your website code on your own, you can show SocialProve notifications on your website in 3 minutes. Please follow:

- Open your website code, then add SocialProve pixel

1- Please open your website code. It will look like the image below. At the top, you will find <head> section.

2- Copy your SocialProve pixel code on SocialProve dashboard. If your developers manage your website code, you can send this code to them.

3- Paste your SocialProve pixel code into anywhere between <head> tags. Please see image below!

4- Then please save your code. Now, you can go to SocialProve dashboard and check that if your pixel is sending signals. It may take 1 minute, make sure that you updated your website after the change, and the website is live.

If you don't know how to do it as above, that's fine. Your website most likely uses Google Tag Manager. You can easily add SocialProve pixel code with Google Tag Manager in 3 minutes. Please follow the steps in this link to successfully add it.

Standard Custom Code Adding