How It Works

SocialProve is a notification tool creating social proof pschology and urgency for your visitors. You will be guided about how to use SocialProve efficiently. Please follow these steps to install SocialProve pixel and create a notification.

1 - First Page. Quick Start.

This is the page you will see when you sign up SocialProve for the first time.

Please click at the "Install Pixel" button. Then "COPY" SocialProve pixel code there. You need to put this SocialProve pixel to the <head> of your website code.

Then you can create notifications. You can create as many notifications as you wish. We will mention the details of creating notification later in this page

2 - Install Pixel. Important Part!

No worries, there is no coding skill required! You will copy your SocialProve pixel code.
1- If you manage your website code on your own or your developers, please open your website code. It will look like the image on the right. At the top, you will find <head> section. Please paste your SocialProve pixel code between <head> sections. For more info please visit.

2- You may use Wordpess, Wix, Clickfunnels, Leadpages, Zapier... SocialProve works with all of these platforms. You can see how to add SocialProve for each website on this page.

Still, does not work?

Then please open your website on Google Chrome browser on your PC. Right Click anywhere on the page, then choose "View Page Source". Then you will search for "socialprove" by pressing "Control + F", if you can't find "socialprove" word, then your code is not updated yet, so you may need to wait a little bit more or you will need to start putting SocialProve pixel again.

3 - Create New Notification

After you see that your pixel is sending signal. You will see a green background on Install Pixel page. Then you will create "New Notification" on the dashboard.

Live Activity will show people who just signed up for your website to rocket your conversion.

Activity Combo shows the total number of signups over 24 hours, or 7 days, or 30 days

Live Count shows how many visitors are currently on your website

Visitor Combo shows the total number of visitors over 24 hours, or 7 days, or 30 days

4 - Capture from your pages

How do we know who signed up for your website? We know it through sign up or any email forms. You should put SocialProve pixel on the pages that you capture these emails. Any page with email form will work.

You will enter your website pages URLs that you have forms. This can be any kind of form where your visitors enter their email addresses like signup or login form. Please make sure that you installed your pixel in this page as well. Please make sure that this step is very important for name cards. We capture names and emails on these pages.

We recommend "capture on landing page" option to be ON.

5 - Show Notification Pages

You may want to show notifications at your landing page, sign up page, pricing page. Wherever you want to show notifications, you should put pixel at the head of that page.

You should choose or add pages where you want to show your notifications. We will show SocialProve notifications on these pages when we capture visitors on your site.

We recommend "Display on every page" option to be ON.

6 - Customize Notifications

You can customize your notifications on this page! You can see notifications’ "LIVE PREVIEW" at the bottom of the page.

You need to write a custom message for your notification like "Signed up for Product A" You can choose your language as well, this is better if your visitors come from a specific country

Our recommendations are "Hide on mobile screen" to be ON, "Allow visitors to close notifications" to be ON, "Open link when notification clicked" to be ON. Then you will give a name for your notification to remember!

7 - Your Notification Dashboard

This is where you can see all of your notifications. You can add as many notifications you want. They all will appear here.

You can click any notification here to go settings page of the specific notification. You will see metrics and statistics for your notification there.

You can edit, delete or duplicate your notifications at any time on the settings page.

On the dashboard page, you can see which notifications are active or passive on one single page.

8 - Easy upgrade any time

SocialProve is one of the best price social proof notifications website in the market. You can start with a starter package.

No worries, you will start with the 7-day free trial. After the free trial, if you want to continue, you will need to pay to continue. Otherwise, you will never be charged!

You can cancel it at any time without any commitment.

We support all credit and debit card types for you to have a safe payment experience. We also support PayPal for those who want to use it.

To sum up: Set up in 3 minutes Emoji

Put SocialProve pixel into your website in 3 minutes. No coding required!

  • Setup

    Copy SocialProve pixel code then Paste it to your website easily

  • Edit

    Edit and customize your SocialProve notifications for your website

  • Launch

    Launch your notification to start showing social proof on your website

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