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Here are the questions we get from our customers. If you can't find an answer to your question, just send us an email :)

  • Can I show fake notifications or numbers?

    No, you can not fake any numbers or notifications on SocialProve. We are here to make marketing more honest. We are aware that fake notifications may help your business at first but we want to bring transparency to the internet marketing.

    When you see SocialProve on a website you can be sure that the numbers on that website are real. That's why websites want to display 'Verified by SocialProve' badge on their websites because other visitors also know that SocialProve notifications always show real numbers.

  • I don't have signups and I don't sell anything on my website. Can I still use SocialProve?

    Well, not everyone sells online. Some of our customers have their own blog, or informative websites, or landing pages. The reason they use SocialProve is that they can create a trust in the visitors. If you have a website, you expect something from the visitors. At least, you expect attention on your website, otherwise you would not open one. SocialProve can increase whatever you expect from the visitors.

  • Is SocialProve legit? Are there any big companies using it?

    We are in this business more than a year and we have worked with +1000 website owners so far. Some of these websites are in the top 10000 worldwide Alexa ranking! You can see some of our cuostomers here: If you want to see a user which is in the same industry with you, just send us an email, we will find you a similar profile customer using SocialProve notifications.

  • Can I use my own color and branding name rather than blue "powered by SocialProve" brand?

    Yes, you can. We offer the most customizable social proof notification in the market! You can change your custom branding, you can set the color your brand color. You can change the design of the notifications. Our business plans enjoy all customizations.

  • How can I put SocialProve pixel to my website? I could not put it.

    This is the most important part! SocialProve has a one-line pixel code, this is a script code. You should put it to your websites header code section. If you use other softwares to make your websites, you should add/inject/put SocialProve code via their software.

    SocialProve integrates with most of the apps and softwares like Wordpress, Squarespace, Paypal. If you have developers, just send our pixel code to them, they will put it to the head section. Please send us an email if you can't put the pixel code on your own, we will help you immediately.

  • Do I have to know any coding or programming to use this?

    No. Most of our customers don't know how to code. You just need 2 minutes and our tutorial. Based on your software, you will put the SocialProve pixel code to your website's header section.

    SocialProve is already connecting with more than 120+ other apps. Wordpress, Wix, Clickfunnels, Leadpages, Hubspot, Instapage, Squarespace, Paypal, Stripe are most integrated apps by users on SocialProve.

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