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5 Important Tricks on SocialProve!

Social proof notifications have better performance when you use them wisely. We wanted to share a blog post about the 5 most important tricks for SocialProve users. When you create a notification, please go over them one by one and try to apply these tricks into your social proof notifications. You will boost your conversion rates better!

1-Put the socialprove pixel in important pages!

Social proof notifications help you to convert visitors to signups or sales. That's why you should put social proof notifications on pages you have a chance to convert visitors. You should put your pixel on most important pages of your website. Landing pages, pricing pages, and signup pages are great places to capture visitors

2-Turn on SocialProve notifications on mobile pages!

Do you know that there are more than 10 social proof notification websites, but only SocialProve has mobile support on dashboard? Create your notifications on mobile, and see how they look in mobile. 75% of the website traffics will come on mobile in 2019! SocialProve dashboard and notifications are all mobile compatible while all competitors don’t support mobile dashboard! Get use of it!

3-Notifications should show at least 7 seconds at once!

If your visitors can't see your social proof notifications, they may not be as effective as it should be. Notifications show time should be enough for your visitors to see your SocialProve notifications! We recommend to put at least 7 seconds. You can change your show time in settings page of your notification at anytime!

4- Use simple words to be understandable!

SocialProve notifications are small and tiny. They are not there to distract your visitors. So you should use a few simple words to take advantage of your small space Your notifications should be simple and sleek. Don’t put lots of words in the notifications. Most people don’t read all, just put the most important words for your business.

5-Direct your notifications when clicked!

Most visitors get curious when they see SocialProve notifications. Most of the time, they hover on the notifications, then when they see clickable cursor on the notifications, they click. When the visitors click at your notification, you should direct them to most important page e.g. signup page. You can set it on settings page.

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